Our Cause

Borika Body is a beauty company that creates organic body products and empowers people to live healthy lives. We use all natural ingredients, some of which are sourced locally to support green living, making our world a better place. We also stand behind a strict value of being a cruelty-free company.

We started Borika Body because we saw a need for all natural products that were an alternative to traditional off the shelf chemical skin care goods. Our founders wanted a safe, organic solution for dry skin, cellulite, and stretch marks. So what started out as a Coffee+Coconut scrub, quickly spread to shipping bags of scrub all over the world.

Founded in early 2015, we are now a leading beauty company shipping products all over the world. Our customers continue to return because of how their skin feels in just a short time using our scrubs.

Thank you for supporting us and learning about our cause for good.