Skin "Hair" Hacks

Posted by Jen Andrews on


How many times have you put on your full face of makeup and it didn’t look right? It didn’t contour in the ways you wanted it to or brighten you up with your highlight.

Have you ever shaved your legs and put on that amazing new skirt hanging in your closet, only to notice your legs still don’t feel smooth, or look dry?

When you shave your underarms, does it ever feel bumpy after? Or even worse...your skin starts to look darker over time in that area?

If you’ve been reading this so far saying “yes...yesss….yaaasss!” then it sounds like you need this blog post in your life, like yesterday!

I am about to give you some life changing hacks to make your life so much easier and ultimately more beautiful! (Not that you already aren’t!)

Hack Numero Uno: All about yo face

I used to work in a salon as the make up ambassador and learned a trick or two while there. One trick I learned is when you’re applying your foundation (especially powder) you need to be applying in a downward motion, especially on your cheeks. Why?? Because if you are blending it around in every direction, it will make that peach fuzz on your face stick out like a sore thumb.

Have you ever walked outside and pulled out your compact mirror to check yo’self out and noticed you have a ton of tiny baby hairs that no one has been telling you about?? Girl, I have! And it is the worst. So, instead of worrying about seeing those hairs and applying my make up in ways that will only make them worse.. What did I do? I took care of it. And by taking care of it, I mean I shaved my face.

Say whaat? I know, I know, my husband said the.same.thing you’re thinking if you don’t already do this trick. *Which side note, I would just keep this to yourself instead of telling your S.O. because it tends to wig them out. Haha.* But I am telling you, it works! Your skin will never feel as smooth and amazing as when you shave off all those little baby hairs, or peach fuzz. They actually do this technique in some spas (I’m serious, it referred to as the Geisha Shave) if you want to go to a professional to get it done.

The first time I shaved my face, I was hooked. My makeup went on perfectly! It was smooth, had the perfect contour and highlight. My husband even asked if I had gotten Botox!! That is a major win!

Here are the steps I followed to achieve this:

  1. Wash your face with a mild organic facial cleanser.
  2. Exfoliate with Mandarin+Cacao Body Scrub for sensitive skin.
  3. Apply a thin layer of our Body Balm to use as a shaving agent, and shave it off in a downward motion!
  4.  Finish it off with your toner and Body Balm again for some hydration and you’re all set!

You could also exfoliate after you shave, that is your own personal preference.

You’re welcome. ;)

Hack Numero Dos: Legsss for daysss! 

The first time I learned this hack, I thought “well that sounds time consuming and like extra steps I don’t need.” Well my Borika Beauties, I was super wrong, because it is well worth it!

Don’t you hate when you shave your legs and feel them to make sure you didn’t miss any spots, it still feels rough! Like you didn’t even shave at all in some spots! Usually, that can be due to having dry skin in those areas too, which you need to slough off!

So here is the hack… Shave your legs, then use your Borika Body Scrub to exfoliate, and shave again!

The second time you shave, you usually don’t even need to apply any sort of shaving agent. The oils in your Borika Body Scrub keep your skin hydrated enough that it works great to shave after. You just needed to slough off that dry skin first before shaving again.

Your legs will feel so smooth after this trick that even your S.O. will be thanking me. And I have even felt that they will stay smoother a little longer too. This may not be the case for everyone, but if it lasts a little longer for you too, then yay!

Hack Numero Tres: Gettin’ rid of that your armpit


Okay last tip, and it is a good one, trust me! Whenever you shave your underarms, does your skin feel super sensitive and bumpy? This can be caused from razor bumps and ingrown hairs from shaving.

Do you ever feel self conscious in putting on a tank top because your underarms look darker? This can be caused from dead skin cells that build up over time, especially on irritated skin.  These are both common things that happen in this area, so you aren’t alone!

So, what is my hack here exactly? Exfoliating! If you get ingrown hairs easily, exfoliating can be helpful to get those babies...Scratch that, giants...out! Ingrown hairs are caused by a thick layer of dead skin. This makes it so the hair cannot come out to grow above the skin’s surface, causing it to turn around and curl back under. Exfoliating that thick layer of dead skin, will help to reach that hair and get it out. Also growing back how it normally should as well.

Dark skin under those armpits? This is also caused by dead skin cells that build up over time, causing hyperpigmentation. This makes your skin look darker and discolored. By exfoliating, you are removing those dead skin cells and will help to reduce this darker color in that area. Meaning you can comfortably raise your hands in the air like you just don't care, anytime!

Go ahead, try these hacks out for yourself and see how you feel!

Xoxo, Jen!