Skin Care Routine

Posted by Jen Andrews on

Welcome to week one of our four week blog series on skin! I am excited to give you skin tips weekly to get you ready to show some summer skin this year. We will talk about skin care routines you should be using, skin care hacks, and more!
Skin is one of our most precious parts of our body, and also the most delicate. We consistently need to be taking care of it to see any results that we want as well. Picture this scenario… You are full time college student and working part time as well. You have no time to even go to the gym, let alone take care of your skin every morning and night! A few months go by with this routine. How do you think your skin looks after weeks, months, years of this routine?
Your pores are clogged, your skin can’t take a break (so in turn breaks out!) and you’re actually aging yourself every time you fall asleep in your makeup covered face.
Say whaaa? I’m serious, you are actually aging your skin every day that goes by without washing your face. How do I know? This was me!
I was a busy girl, and didn’t have time to do anything, or so I thought, and my skin was hating me for it. I would look in the mirror and not feel myself. I felt older, and not in a good way. I felt like every time I put on my makeup, it didn’t look smooth and beautiful. It went on unevenly and looked cakey.
Then, I went for it and took a few minutes to take care of myself at night. It takes 2-5 minutes before bed to take off your makeup, throw on some moisturizer and brush your teeth. 2-5 minutes! You could even be doing this while binge watching your favorite new series on Netflix (since we all know you come home and do this after a long day of school and work!)
When you’re stressed out, what do you do? Do you go for a run, take a bath to pamper yourself, get a massage or pedicure, or tune out and watch a show for a little while? Look at this list, or think of what you actually do in that situation. What do they all have in common? They are all about taking care of yourself!
When you start to take those few minutes to wash your face and take care of your skin, you feel better about yourself! Just like when you are stressed and you take a few minutes to do something to make you feel better. When I took those few minutes to actually cleanse my face and take care of myself before bed, my self esteem was enhanced as well as my skin was looking amazing. I stopped breaking out around my jawline and I felt more confidence.
It can take some time, but you should find a skin care routine that works for you! My favorite way to take care of my face is by washing it, using a toner, moisturizing and SPF every morning. Then, at night I will wash it again, exfoliate twice a week, toner, moisturizer, eye cream and you’re done! Do you know how fast that can be morning and night? As fast, if not faster, than how long it takes you to be brushing your teeth.
Set these products right by your bathroom sink so you don’t forget until you are in your routine. I know some days you come home exhausted, but I also know that when you take care of yourself, your body will thank you. You’ll see changes in the way your skin looks and feels. You’ll see the change in your attitude about how you care for yourself!